Past  Projects & Programs

The CID worked with Pacific Gateway Center to

provide outreach and technical assistance to

Chinatown businesses impacted by the COVID

pandemic.  Assistance was provided to a number

of small businesses in the following languages:

Thai, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Laotian,

​Korean, and Turkish.​​

Graffiti Removal and Coating Study:   in 2018,  CID  received a grant from the Atherton Foundation to study different coatings to help protect historic buildings from graffiti.  Graffiti removal on historic brick and stone is often challenging and costly.  Findings from the report have been used to help solve a graffiti issue at Kawaihao Church.

                                                     View the 2019 Final Report

                                                                     View the Appendix

Sustaining Chinatown:  A 3-part Summer Preservation Series.   Co-sponsored with Historic Hawaii Foundation and Lyon Associates.  Seminars from noon to 1:00 p.m, were held during the summer months of 2015, 2016 and 2017.  The sessions were free and open to the public.

Current Projects & Programs

Hanging Planters:  This beautification project is a partnership between the City, residents, businesses and the CID.  Hanging planters have been installed along one block of Chinatown as a pilot project.  These planters are maintained and watered by community volunteers.

The Chinatown Restaurant and Business directory is a signature project.  It is a comprehensive directory of all street level businesses within the Chinatown District. Additional information is included showing bus stops, bike racks, restroom and ATM locations. The reverse side features historical and cultural information about the area.  It was first published in 2011, and is on its third update.

Partnering with the Hawaii Heritage Center and

Historic Hawaii Foundation, the CID occasionally offers historical tours of the district visiting rarely seen areas.  These tours are often accompanied by tastings from area eateries.

Safe Sidewalks:  The CID joins the Honolulu Lions when they come through the downtown and Chinatown districts.  Using materials provided by the city, we work to patch and repair uplifts, cracks, and uneven areas.  These efforts prolong the life of the sidewalks and make the area safer for thousands of pedestrians on a daily basis.

Adopt -A-Park:  The CID adopted the Smith Beretania Park in Chinatown in 2010 and we coordinate regular clean ups of the park.  Raking, sweeping, graffiti removal, painting, snacks and drinks are all included!